Monday, November 3

Making Fun #1

Since I work at home and try to pack in a lot of things into the day (laundry, housework, etc...), I don't feel I have enough fun time with the kids as I should. They play together well and probably also watch too much television, but I do what I can do. I don't do my best though, I can say that. So, I have made a goal for myself, Make Fun # 1!!!

I want to make it a point to plan at least one fun thing to do with the kids every day.

Each day, I will post the idea I find, after searching the internet, family magazines and blogs. And the next day, I will post a picture or video of our fun.

Today we are feeling a little under the weather around here, so I picked something easy, but still fun.

It is courtesy of Family Corner.Com

Craft Stick Fall Tree.

Stay tuned, tomorrow, I will post the kids' creations. :-)

Let me know if you would be interested in joining in on the Making Fun #1 posts. You could also post a fun idea and leave it in the comments. If I get enough people interested, I'll post a linky each day. Of course, I wouldn't expect everyone to join in EVERY DAY, unless you really wanted to. :-)