Tuesday, October 7


The other night I decided to splurge on the hubby and get him Panda Express. It is one of his favorite places to eat, but I am not much of a fan. So I brought home Panda Express for the both of us after running an errand. It was around 8:00 P.M. and although the kids had eaten, we had not had dinner yet.

The miss immediately ran into the kitchen when she saw that I had brought food home. She doesn't like Panda Express, but she still searched through the bags and our plates for little things she could pick at. She took some of the carrots and eggs from my rice as well as a fortune cookie.

A little while later, she found my egg roll, and confiscated it. I told her that she was being a scavenger. She then asked me what that meant. So I explained it to her and also told her she was successful, because she ended up with my food. She then of course wanted to know what successful meant. After answering her and then again describing to her what a scavenger was, I asked her......

Me..."So if you decided you were going to come find yourself some food, and in your searching, you found my egg roll, and you took it for yourself and are now enjoying it, what does that make you?

The Miss: "HUNGRY!"