Wednesday, July 9

Those Two are as Sweet as Fondue

I am not an easy person to surprise. In fact I tell people to just forget about trying to throw me a surprise party or anything like that, because I will figure it out.

Well, tonight, two of my closest friends succeeded in surprising me and even my hubby was in on it. And that almost got him into trouble. See, I waited until almost 4:00 to take a shower. When you have 3 kids, you have to wait for the perfect moment to shower. You know, like when the kids are engrossed in a movie and not trying to kill each other.
I also waited until 4:30 to start some laundry, and I seriously didn't have anything to wear, except for some very thin, partially see through night gown.
But I figured, what the heck, I am not going anywhere, it will do.

And I ignored my dripping wet, very knotted hair while I cooked dinner and tried to pick up some messes.

I chowed down on my dinner and even had seconds.

And my hubby, who knew friends would be coming to my door soon to take me out, didn't say a word.

Thank goodness I had him put the clothes in the dryer for me, or else, I would have had to go out on the town either exposed in my thin nightgown or unable to breathe in my jeans that will never fit me again, because, really, that was about all I had that was clean.

So, an unexpected knock was at the door. I put a little pillow in front of me and told my hubby that I COULD NOT answer the door dressed as I was. I almost didn't want him to answer it, figuring it was a solicitor. But my hubby insisted, and in walked my two dear friends.

With a gift in hand, they told me to get ready because they were taking me out to The Melting Pot for chocolate fondue in celebration of my new job.

So, again, thank goodness I had some clean clothes in my dryer.
I quickly brushed my hair, grabbed my purse and walked out the door.

It was such a wonderful evening. We chatted the night away, probably way too loudly.
We got to sit and relax, which as mommies, we don't get to do often, and it was GREAT!
And the fondue was heavenly.

And I think we got drunk off of the chocolate.....see what I mean??

We also decided that we need to do this Melting Pot night more often, maybe monthly. And I think it's a PERFECT idea.

This was also my first time ever eating at The Melting Pot, after wanting to for nine years now.
I have been blessed with such amazing friends....and the hubby, he did a great job keeping it all a secret.

Now, go and read Sara's Post about the evening, because it's hilarious!!