Wednesday, July 16

Just Wondering if You have Been There, Done That

I am writing about this because I am curious to hear if any of you have gone through something similar with your child.
My Miss has had serious constipation issues for over a year now. We've tried everything from stool softeners to laxatives, although, I must admit, I didn't do it faithfully. It has been quite difficult to get my miss to consume a food or beverage laced with laxatives. She usually picks up on it right away.
I took her to a specialist yesterday and he wants to have us continue the laxative method. But this time we have to do it every day for 4-6 weeks. They gave me tips on how to disguise it better, but I don't know how well it will work.
Right now we are in the cleaning her out phase. This is our first time with this step, and I am not sure how well it will work. I disguised the cherry flavored phospho-soda in a cherry sprite, but she picked up on the funny taste and only drank half.

She is a stubborn girl, I tell you. She's just like her mommy.

The doctor is pretty certain that she is going through a phase. But I can't understand why she'd purposefully force herself to hold it in to such an extent. The doctor noticed that her tummy is distended and filled with many "rocks". He couldn't believe that she doesn't ever complain about her tummy bothering her.

Well, she has consumed half of her liquid laxative, so now I am just waiting for it to kick in. Poor Punkin.