Tuesday, July 29

Oh Where, Oh Where has Erica Gone?

It has been awhile since I last posted, huh? I am so sorry. Life has been busy. Between my three kiddos, a short trip back home, and my wonderful full time job, I haven't had time to even think about blog posts.

Well, I take that back, I did post today, it was just over at 5 Minutes for Mom. And you should check it out, because it is a review post, which means GIVEAWAY. So go enter and win!

I do have some pictures to share from my short trip back home to Arizona, where we moved from.

And if you must know, I went to try out for American Idol. Yes, it's true. And, really, I am good enough to be a contestant, I am. I am not one of those mediocre or horrid singers, I promise.

This was the last year I could audition and it has been a dream of mine since season 1.

Yes, I know I am a mommy of three, and the show could have, well, you know... And, yes, I know that I have an amazing job that I wouldn't want to put in jeopardy. And, yes, I know that it would have potentially brought into my life even more stress.

And although most of me kept all that in mind when realizing that really, American Idol does NOT fit into my life right now, there was still a small piece of me that wanted to make it.

I did not, however want to make it past 11th or 12th. I did NOT want to win and I did Not want to tour. I wanted exposure, so that I could record a Christian album someday. Because, that is a BIG dream of mine.

So, thanks to a free plane ticket and free room and board at my parents' house, I left for home with a good friend of mine, and my baby boy.

My hubby stayed home with the other two kiddos. And poor him, I left with the good one. :-)

So here are some pictures from my trip:

Here I am, waiting at the arena, in my snazzy new outfit. My friend took me on a shopping spree and she paid!!! YES, she bought ME clothes. She rocks, doesn't she?!?!And I won't tell you who my lovely friend is, because you CAN'T have her!!!

Our pretty bracelets. Purple means you sing and green means you are a supporter. We had to get them the day before auditions. And we couldn't get them wet. So, it was fun showering with a trash bag on my hand.

The arena was pretty packed, see.

And another fun shot.

We played Scrabble to pass the time. I think that I lost. We didn't technically finish the game though.

Finally our section's turn to go audition. And just so you lovely fooled by reality television folks know, these auditions were NOT in front of Randy, Simon and Paula. These were the round 1 auditions. There were 12 tables and behind each table, there were 2 judges. We were sent in groups of 4 to a table, where we each took turns singing for about 30 seconds.
They either said, yes, so we'd move on...or No!!
If they said yes, we'd come back in a couple of months to sing for the famous judges.

We waited about 5 hours before it was our turn to sing. And my judges looked horribly tired. I didn't get a good vibe from them. I sang perfectly though. I was very proud of how I did. But, I didn't make it past round 1. And, I am TOTALLY OKAY with that.

I had a lot of fun. It was a great experience. And as Tiffany says, "I have a story to tell my grandkids someday."

Audition day was exhausting.

Oh and the baby boy, he was wonderful on the trip. We had to do a lot of driving to visit friends and family in different cities. And, did I mention that we were in Arizona?!?!?! It was HOT. And the baby boy never got fussy. He just took it all in with a smile on his face.

Tomorrow, I will post some pics of the baby boy!!

He was perfect on the plane too. And when I got home to my hubby and older kiddos, I realized that home, was where I belonged. Because, although I have always dreamt of stardom, my dream of being a mom, had always been bigger. And I have been blessed with a wonderful gift in my 3 children.....the best dream come true!!!!