Sunday, July 6

My Little Paleontologist

Several years ago I became an Usborne book consultant. Unfortunately, I never had an opportunity to do any home shows. But I do have two boxes, hidden in my closet, full of some really great books in case I ever do a show.
Today I decided to break into that "in case I have a home show" stash, and break out something special for the miss. It's the one item that I have been tempted to open up several times now.
And the miss sure was excited as I unwrapped the dinosaur excavation kid kit.
Inside there was a small book about dinosaurs, which she made me read as quickly as possible so that we could get to the good stuff: the large rock which she would chisel away at, to find Tyrannosaurus Rex bones.
She looked so adorable wearing her safety glasses, breaking away the rock, and brushing the dirt off of the small bones that were appearing.
And it kept her busy for about an hour.
Of course, mommy and daddy found it fun as well. We kept taking her chisel away so that we could find some bones too.

I just wish my camera had done a better job of documenting the experience. I think I need to invest in a better camera.
It was fun though, but it did make quite the mess.
You have to admit though, she can pull off the safety glasses look, huh?