Friday, June 20

Walking With My Princess

I went on a walk this evening with the miss and mister. The baby boy was at home sound asleep.
I had the kiddos collect leaves and sticks in little bags for a craft we will be doing next week, part of a bug themed Bible lesson. You'll understand next week, when I show you their creations.

As we were walking, my daughter looked at me and said...

"Daddy is falling in love with me. He just loves me so much. I went to a daddy dance with him and we danced and ate food. He loves me."

She is just so precious.

She was excited when we spotted a squirrel in a tree and she desperately wanted it to climb down to her. So, she started singing the ah ah ah ah ah part from the song, "I'm Wishing". It's the song that Snow White sings while in the forest and all of her animal friends come and sit with her.

It was just the cutest thing ever.

Oh, oh and then she spotted a little garden gnome and said, "Look, Mommy, it's a Heigh-ho."