Sunday, June 15

The Recent Find For My Little Chef

My girlfriends out here know that when I visit with my mister, their kitchen will be my mister's play area.
He will get into the dishwasher and try to put away the dishes. He will take all of the pots and pans out and distribute them all over the floor. He will attempt to use the stove, by standing on the oven door. He may also sweep or mop.
My son loves the kitchen.
His birthday is next month, and I decided that it would be great to purchase him a cute wooden stove.
I was looking on Craigslist earlier in the week for a daybed for the miss, and came across an ad for a children's wooden play kitchen for only $10.
I called about it and was told by the sweet old lady on the other end of the line, that she couldn't email me a picture, because she didn't have email or a digital camera. But she did her best to describe it.
Her husband had made the darling wooden kitchen. The stove top has 4 burners and can even be plugged into an outlet, which turns on a little light that warms it a bit.
There is a little oven with two racks, that even some of my cookie sheets fit into. (Don't let the mister know I told you that though).
Under the oven there is a drawer to store pots and pans. And to the right of that, there is a large cabinet for dishes. The wooden stove also includes two shelves up top; one of which adorns several hooks to hang teacups from.

It sounded too cute to pass up, especially for only ten dollars. So on Friday I went to pick up the kitchen.

And, it is adorable!!!!!

It does need to be repainted, to cover up some scratches and what not, it was a very loved kitchen and you can tell that it was played with often.
We were going to save it for his birthday, but I couldn't wait that long. I just HAD to give it to him now.
We still need to paint it, but the mister doesn't mind the worn look at all.
He looooooooves it. And I love that he has his own pots and pans and oven door to open and close repeatedly.