Monday, February 4

Take a Moment to Get Away

It feels like ages since the hubby and I have had some time to ourselves, without the busyness of kids and tons of responsibilities.
Sometimes, especially on tough days, I like to dream up different vacations and getaways for us.
And usually they involve quiet, secluded beachfront property, gorgeous sunsets, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore.
Now the last couple of times the hubby and I have gone on such a vacation, it has been somewhere beachy, but there is a big difference between Los Cabos and the Virgin Islands. Well at least there is to me.
See, the Virgin Islands is what I was dreaming up for us today.
One morning while in St. Thomas, we could snorkle in the heart-shaped Magens bay.
And during our visit to St. John, we could take it easy at Cinnamon bay and enjoy the sunset while laying in a hammock for two.
And since we'd be very relaxed the next day, we could use up some energy and hike throughout the Virgin Island national park.
Of course, we'd have to visit St. Croix as well. And since I am a sucker for victorian style homes and lighthouses, it's the East Coast girl in me, we'd have to take a stroll around Frederiksted.
Calm and tranquil, that's the type of vacation I think that would be. And, I think I could use some tranquility in my life right now. :o)
And did you know, that no building is allowed to rise higher than the surrounding palm trees? That means the views must be spectacular.

Well, my daughter is asking me for a snack. Guess my vacation is over for now.
Did you enjoy our little escapade?
I sure did. Who knows, maybe I'll get there someday.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll share with you my dreamt up vacation to Austrailia. I mean, how much fun visiting the outback would be. AHHHHHHHH! I am reminded of when my mom would watch those Calgon commercials when I was a kid.
"Calgon, take me away."

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