Sunday, February 10

Long Time, No Blog

Yes, it's been a few days, okay a few more than that, since I last blogged. But I have some good excuses.
First, I had a friend from out of town come visit me this weekend. She arrived Friday night and left a few hours ago.
So, I spent the week getting my house company ready. I think I am also nesting too, lol, so some of the cleaning I was doing, like scraping dirt out of the crevices of the baseboards and dusting the tops of my kitchen cabinets, probably wasn't necessary, but it felt good to get that extra cleaning done.
Plus, I had a sick child, who ended up spending all day Friday and most of Saturday like this:

It began on Wednesday, when she started to complain about a sore throat and also had a bit of a cough. She was fine most of Thursday, but then Thursday night, she felt hot, and I realized that she had a fever of 102.6. So, we headed to the doctor on Friday to test her for strep, which was negative, thank goodness. It turns out she just had a cold. She spent most of Friday, like I said conked out and on ibuprofen. She was so mellow, quiet and sleepy, which I have to admit, was kind of nice, since I was running around getting last minute things done around the house.

So, my friend arrived safe and sound on Friday night and it was such fun having a weekend to just hang out. It was still a busy weekend, though. Saturday morning, we hit up Babies R' Us, since we would be attending a baby shower later that day. Then we ran home, ate lunch, headed to the shower, came home, took the kiddos with us to the store, to give daddy a break, came home, cooked dinner, raced to the movies, came home, zoned and then took it easy this morning.
So it was relaxing, yet busy at the same time.

I was THRILLED to go see a movie though, since I haven't done that in a LONG time.
We saw Juno, which was so good. I really enjoyed it. So, if you haven't seen it yet, I think you should.
And she took me on our hot date, in her hot car, a pewter Mustang convertible, which you really should have seen me try to get out of. The seats are low, and trying to roll out gracefully with my big belly, was funny.

Andrea and I realized today, that we didn't get any pictures of the both of us. Although, she did get pictures of my kiddos this morning. (Note the messy hair and clothes) Mommy was being lazy and hadn't really taken the time to make them presentable. It was a lazy day for all.

Oh, and the miss is feeling much better today. She has her energy back, that's for sure. Her fever is gone, her cough is pretty much gone, she just seems to have it more in the morning, and her voice, which had been hoarse most of the weekend, is on its way back too.

So, don't worry, G.G., the miss is just fine. :o)