Monday, February 4

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, we originally didn't have any Super Bowl plans, we were just going to chill at home with the game on. But at the last minute, it was decided to hang at a good friend's house, with her family, including her 4 sweet kiddos. So of course, I had to take pictures. And while on the subject of the Super Bowl, was anyone else shocked by the final score and winner?
I was not expecting the Giants to win. I also wasn't expecting a close game. So, I was very surprised, to say the least. And I am happy for the Giants. The patriots are an incredible team, but they have had their wins. It was time for someone else to be victorious.

Anyway, on to the pics.

Me at 32.5 weeks pregnant, and My Tiffany. And no, I am not wearing a maternity shirt in this picture, because it was laundry day. But, I can still stretch the normally tiny shirt out enough to cover my big belly.

That is my little mister dancing, sort of, with Tiff's youngest daughter during the halftime performance.

My kiddos had fun playing with Tiff's youngest baby boy. The miss was singing, If you're Happy and You Know It" with him. And the mister enjoyed staring at him, gently rubbing his head, and sticking his fingers in his mouth. Her baby boy gets lots of cuddles from his own siblings and my kiddos. It was really cute seeing how they both were around her baby boy. I know they will be super cute with their baby brother once he is born.

So, that was our Sunday. All in all, a great night.
I hope you all had a fun Super Bowl Sunday too.