Saturday, September 15

Tiny Dancer

Well the miss went to her second tap/ballet class today. I promised G.G. some pictures, which was a feat in itself. They only have the blinds and door to the studio open on the first Saturday of each month. So, I snuck in a shot just as she walked into the studio and then a couple as we were leaving the dance center.
The momma needs to get better at putting a bun in the fidgety miss' hair. She hates it when I put her hair up, so she doesn't cooperate. This morning, we were running late, so I did the best I could. I also need to get better at having everything ready the night before, so there isn't a mad "let's get ready" dash. The hubby sleeps in on Saturdays, so I, of course, wait until the last minute to get the mister, the miss and myself ready to go by 8:30. But her class will be ongoing until June, so we should get it down at some point, maybe before May, right?????

Yesterday was the hubby's last day working as an Airman in the USAF. He doesn't officially separate until the end of the month, but he is using up his remaining 2 weeks leave. So, no more uniform, no more boots, no more rushing to find his hat in the mornings, or his misplaced id card. No more seeing him dressed in his military blues. It is a bittersweet thing. Although, we are so excited to move on to the next chapter in our lives, there are some things about the military I will miss. I will miss getting to meet new military families. I will miss having my clinic, my labs, and the kiddo's doctor all in the same building. I will miss having prescriptions filled right after the appointment, at the pharmacy right down the hall from the clinic. I will miss free health care. I will miss the BX. I will miss the military functions and the military discounts. But I will love not worrying anymore about deployments or having to ever have my hubby gone for a long time!!!

He had his going away lunch yesterday, and I forgot the camera. But, thankfully, there was someone there taking pictures. So, when I get those, I will post them on here.

As far as the hubby's job search, he had been working with a couple of contract companies, one of which called him earlier in the week to let him know they were submitting his resume to a company seeking someone to fill a network security position. The contract company then called him a day or so later to let him know that an interview had been set up. But they wanted to be sure he would be okay working for Compassion International, a Christian child sponsorship company, because as they put it, it was a "different culture". Little did they know, we happen to be strong Christians who actually have sponsored a Compassion child in the past. So he was elated to have an interview set up. How awesome would that be to work for such a great Christian organization, surrounded by Christian employees? And the pay is comparable to what he was hoping to make. So, his interview is this upcoming Tuesday.

It's funny, when we first moved out here, I knew Compassion was out here, and I had checked their employment opportunities often. I always thought it would be neat for me or the hubby to work there someday. And now, well...we'll see. :o)

So, that's my quick update. I know I didn't post much last week and I apologize. Last week, was a sleepy week for me and I crashed a lot on the couch by like 9:00 at night. But the first trimester is almost over.

Oh, and by the way, the hubby and I watched Premonition the other night, and it is VERY GOOD!!! So, YOU SHOULD SEE IT!

Have a great Saturday!!