Thursday, September 27

Just to Catch You All Up

So, I know I haven't been blogging regularly lately like I used to. And there have been so many times where things have come up and I knew I wanted to blog about them. I wanted to tell you all about how my hubby's job search has ended and he has found an amazing job that will pay him very well and provide immediate benefits. IT IS SUCH A BLESSING. I know I had so many praying for us.

I wanted to tell you all about my son's eye appointment for a condition he has called Congenital Nystagmus, although his is very mild and he is just fine. I wanted to tell you all that this is my last week of doing day care in my home. I am looking forward to not having so many kids in my home every day, especially since I have been much more fatigued this pregnancy.

I wanted to share with you all cute things my almost 4 year old has been saying lately, and things that even made me think. Like she looked at all the weeds in our backyard one day and called them a beautiful garden. It made me reflect a little and think about how sometimes we have things in our lives that we view as weeds, but God sees the garden that they will become.

I wanted to tell you all about how I am working evenings now at a hotel and that it actually isn't too bad and gives me a little bit of an income and will let me stay at home during the day with just my two kiddos. Although, I think after the baby that I am due with is 6-7 months old, I may go back to working full time during the day. But we will see what happens when that time comes, and I will pray about it as well.

And I have been wanting to blog, but I have also been very tired lately. especially because I started my evening job while I still had my class going on and the day care. So, the nights I worked, wore me out. And then I spent most of this week trying to catch back up. I work tonight and tomorrow night as well. And the hubby has been home, he starts his new job on Monday, so during nap time, since he is home and awake, I've been resting or running errands. So, I used up some free blogging time, doing other things instead.

But I think I am back now, back to the blogging regularly and posting pictures and all that jazz. Thanks for bearing with me. I am still quite shocked at how tired I have been so far this pregnancy, but then again, I have had a lot of kids here during the day, and have had a lot going on. So, it is understandable.

So, I will end this now..and leave you with my daughter's new word of the week....magistrate. I guess she learned it on the show, Sagwa, and she said it many times yesterday. It's really cute how she says it. I asked her if she knew what it meant. And she said it is a fat man. LOL!