Tuesday, October 24

A Prayer for Canon's Family

Lord God-

This morning I lift up to you Canon's family. They are hurting today Lord. They are grieving. I pray that your loving arms would wrap around them and comfort them. Hold them tight Lord God as they cry out to you. With your gentle kindness, show them peace. Bring to them, Lord, those that can help them, comfort them and show them your love.

I pray for Canon's mom, Carla. I honestly couldn't even imagine the intense heartache and emptiness that she is feeling today. Through all the questions of why, God? And through all the hurt and anger, I pray that you continually pour forth your peace on her. Hold her as she weeps to you.

Give Canon's family strength Lord, the strength that at this time can only come from you. They will all be weary Lord. The next days, weeks are going to be so tough Lord God as they have to deal with funeral arrangements and so forth. My heart aches for them. Cradle them in your arms Lord.

Peace, strength and hope Lord...fill their home with peace, strength and hope.

In Jesus' name, Amen