Saturday, May 30

Three Little Pigs

Audrey (5 1/2) has summer reading assignments for her new school. Have I told you that I am so excited that she will be entering kindergarten next year? There are 12 books that we are supposed to read together and a little assignment for her to complete at the end of each book.

But, I decided to take her reading assignments a step further and incorporate even more learning into the process. This summer, I am doing several units with all 3 kids, based on her summer reading assignments.

Three of her required books have to do with farms and farm animals. So, we are currently doing a farm theme. I have found such tremendous resources online.

Audrey will be learning a little more in depth about various farm animals. We will also work together on handwriting, spelling and phonics. Isaiah (2 1/2) and Christian (14 months) will be working on animal identification, colors, numbers and letters.

At the end of their unit, I will be taking them to a park in a neighboring city, that has a small child's farm.

The other night after dinner, since the kiddos were due for a bath, I had them do a fun activity. We used chocolate pudding to finger paint pigs, giving them a mud bath.

Audrey slopped the pudding all over, she is good at making a mess. :)

Isaiah made tiny blobs of pudding all over his pig.

Christian thought I was nuts, wanting him to paint with the pudding. He was the smart one, knowing that pudding is much more fun to eat!!!! Once he finished devouring his pudding, he decided to try to eat his picture. That boy loves to eat.

So far we have learned about sheep and pigs. We have made several crafts, sung songs, reviewed various vocabulary words and letters and watched several educational videos online, including one that showed a sheep shearing. They have been having lots of fun.

At the end of the unit, Audrey will complete a Farm Lapbook.

Here are just a few of the sites and activities that I have been using for our farm unit.