Sunday, May 24

I'm A Facebook Junkie

I admit it, I am on Facebook pretty much all day long. Well, actually it sits minimized on my screen all day long, but I do check it often. The biggest problem with my new found addiction, is that the funny stories about my kids, updates on my family and new pictures are all placed on my facebook wall, instead of on my blog.

That means that some of you, including my parents, are missing out. So, here is a little glimpse into those moments that were never shared on my blog, but should have been.

In April, Audrey (5) and her daddy attended their 3rd Daddy/Daughter Dance, which has become a tradition for them. It is one that I hope continues for many years. My friend, Sara, came over to do Audrey's hair, because I don't do hair and the kiddie salon closed for the day because of the snow storm. Gotta love snow in April. :) Sara did a fabulous job. :) Audrey looked so beautiful. Somebody tell her to stop growing.

Audrey is enrolled in an incredible school for kindergarten next year. I am THRILLED. It is a classical academy, complete with uniforms, but it is still a public school, so it's tuition free. She is going to get a GREAT education at her new school. :)

Isaiah 2 1/2 is now pacifier free. The paci-fairy came, took his pacifiers and left him a grand surprise, a new guitar. HE WAS THRILLED! He loves his new guitar and even sleeps with it every night. Giving up his pacifiers was hard, especially the first couple of nights, but he made it through.

Here he is sleeping with his guitar:

Here is one more photo of the handsome guy:

Christian, 14 months, is still not walking and thinks he needs to hold on to something whenever he stands. Every once in awhile he'll forget and stand on his own, sometimes even while clapping. But once it hits him, "Oh, I am standing up and this doesn't seem right, I prefer to sit and crawl", he plops down and doesn't get back up for awhile. But I say in about another month, he'll be walking right alongside his older siblings. :)

Here is Christian a couple of weeks ago when we all went on a family hike:

Well, hopefully these photos are enough to carry you through until my next blog post, which I promise to write in the next couple of days. I also promise that as I immerse myself in the world of Facebook, that I won't forget about my humble little blog and its few faithful readers who I appreciate so very much. :)