Tuesday, March 2

Faith in Kenya

I posted this over at 5 Minutes for Mom, but wanted to share it here as well.

Last week my 6-year-old daughter, Audrey, and I did something exciting. We searched through dozens of photos on the Compassion website and chose a little girl to sponsor together.

My heart has always been with Africa, so I did choose to look at children in Kenya. I also thought it would be fun for Audrey if we chose a child who was close to her age.

Audrey sat on my lap as we looked over the photos and read about the children waiting for sponsorship. That is when we saw Faith. Audrey pointed to her sweet picture just as I started to click on it. "I want to help her, mommy."

Audrey's middle name is Faith, so she was delighted that they had the name in common. She also loved Faith's darling smile and pretty pink dress.

We decided together that Faith would be the child we would sponsor. We said a prayer, and sent off our first monthly contribution.

This weekend, while blog hopping, I discovered that the Compassion bloggers will be in Kenya later this week.

I am thrilled that Audrey and I will be able to follow the bloggers as they travel to several child development centers in Kenya. While they won't be visiting Faith's center, we will still have the true joy of getting a glimpse into Faith's life.

I look forward to sharing with Audrey the stories, photos and videos that the Compassion bloggers will post from Kenya. I think it will help her to better understand why children like Faith need our help.

I hope that you are able to follow the Compassion bloggers on their journey. Here is more information about the Kenya team. You can also follow the team on Twitter.