Sunday, August 2

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

I took Isaiah to see The Wiggles last week. He is a HUGE, HUGE fan of the foursome, and I mean HUGE. You should see Isaiah rock out to The Wiggles.

Funny thing is, when the concert started, Isaiah froze up. Perhaps he was in shock or very star-struck. Whatever it was, he sat on my lap and clung to me for almost the entire show. I tried to get him to dance around and play his new Wiggles guitar that I just HAD to buy him before the show started. But Isaiah would have nothing to do with dancing.

In fact, when Murray, his favorite Wiggle, came down the aisle, stood right next to us, and waved hello, Isaiah just stared at him, with his jaw to the ground. But you know if Brad Pitt came right next to me and said hi, I would most likely have the same response.

Before the very last song started, The Wiggles asked everyone in the audience to stand up and dance along. Finally, Isaiah jumped off my lap and boogied down, just like he does in our living room.

And, since our seats were just four rows from the stage, and on the aisle, Isaiah got to move around and get pretty close to the stage. (Side note: My tickets were only $33 a piece.)

Anyway, I filmed Isaiah dancing and playing his guitar to the last song of the night. He's just so stinking cute.