Wednesday, July 8

Fun In The Windy City

Well, I am in Chicago for The Sears Design Summit. Tonight we had a cocktail reception (a kind of meet and greet, if you will). It was a blast. I finally got to meet some GREAT mommy bloggers. It is always so nice when you can put a face to the name. I also got to sit next to and even play with little Ivy. I was thrilled to finally get to meet Ivy! She is such a very entertaining.

My friend, Andrea, who ordered me to go and do something after the cocktail reception as opposed to just sitting in my hotel room by myself, will be proud to know that I caught a showing of The Proposal, with Gabrielle, Christine and Lori. The movie was GREAT! If you've been thinking about seeing it, GO and SEE IT! There were some incredibly funny scenes. The whole movie is just lighthearted and fun. I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow is jam packed and should be a lot of fun. I can't wait to share with you some fun things going on in the Sears/Kmart, stay tuned.

Also, have any of you been to the O'Hare airport recently? What is up with the toilets and their rotating seat protectors? If you have no idea what I am talking about, stay tuned...because I will be capturing it all on video before boarding my plane for home.